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July 25, 2007
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I am using mp really a long time, but when the system works fine I do not touch it. (Or my wife do not allow me to....)
Now, after new hardware in 2012 !! and 5.5 nice working years the htps is nearly dead (mixture of hard and software-probs...).
-> I have to fix it and set it up again (no problem after 5.5. years..)

Now I have two very difficult decisions, and even reading the last days in the internet and mostly here does not lead to an solution.

1. Old HTPC was on x86/32 bit (win 7). In 2012 that was recommendend, only possible problems with x64. What should I do now in 2017? I decided for win 10 (should run again 5 years..). But x86/32bit or x64??? What is recommended now?
(Hardware is iunchainged beside new power supply and ssd, core i3-2105, Gigabyte GA-H67MA-UD2H-B3 (Intel H97), Digital Devices Cine S2...see my hardwrae profile)

2. MP1 or MP2? That's really the question.
MP1: Many infos/experience, many plugins, imho stable
MP2: maybe more future proof (5+ years..), nice feature to have even videos and music on the server, amazon prime support would be nice, too.
Up to now I have a one seat installation, in future, my daughter gets older, there will be an additional client. But that works with MP1 and MP2, maybe MP1 only does not support music/video..
-> I really do not know....

Any advice would be nice....


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July 25, 2007
Germany Germany

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