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  • June 1, 2008
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    Hey there,

    is there a way that MovingPictures check, that i have 3D Movies and add this to a Categorie like 3D Movies ? And can i have Media Logo for 3D Movie like the other one, DTS, 1080p FullHD and so on ?

    How i named my Movie that MP can handle it as 3D Movie ? The Amazing Spiderman (tt4134818) 3D.mkv or so ?

    Or is there no way for this ?


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    Yes, you can set up a new user defined category in the moving pictures plugin configuration. See attached screengrab. If you set it to search for all movies with 3D in the title then you should be ok. This works great for me. Make sure the title has 3D in it in the moving pictures database.

    No 3D logo that I know of yet though, that would finish this off nicely.




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    June 15, 2012
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    Is it also possible to have the 3D movies automatically displayed in the genre --> 3D category and also shown in poster view?

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