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November 21, 2005
Paris, France

About to switch from MCE, I had two questions about MP:
1. Does the EPG guide works in France? I coudn't get a clear answer from the forum search... Is there a place I can see the list of channels supported there? What about european channels (Eurosport, Euronews, etc...)
2. I see in the feature list that there is support for LCD/VFD displays. My question is: Can one control MP using only a LCD/VFD and a remote (TV & Monitor off). The purpose would be to be able to listen to radio/music without a TV turned on. So the LCD would have to display infos about the menus you're in, item selected, etc...

Thanks in advance.


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  • May 6, 2005
    Hi pieroxy,

    1. WebEPG supports Frence channels from telepoche.guidetele.com. If think some people on the French forum also put a daily file together. Not sure you will need to search the French forum for that.

    2. There is a LCD plugin the supports many different LCD types search "LCD plugin". There is also something called "LCD smartie" you can search for that as well. As I don't have an LCD on my case I don't uses these.



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