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  • May 4, 2011
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    Hi mediarportal!

    Thanks for an awsome program.

    I have a couple of idea's

    1. In the music section it would be nice to have a selectable option to enter tracklist. Much like the button that shows the artist info. Maybe even in the same window as artist info?
    2. (Titan Skin) Choose if "TV" and "Series" tab should be displayed or if u wish to hide something. I just use mediaportal to view movies and listen to music. To remove these tabs would be nice and give it a more "look as what u use it for"
    3. (BuG) Scrolling downwards in movies details with a MCE remote makes it skip tab's. Like the highlighted option can bump down three times, then it goes back up, when there is about 2 tabs left.
    4. (Radio) dosnt work. When i try to enter it goes back to main menu. (maybe forgot to install plugin)
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  • February 23, 2008
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    Hi Distun,

    Improvement suggestion should go in the appropriate forum, which you can find here:
    Or you should mention them in the appropriate thread (Titan goes here)

    as for bug reports: we need full debug logs before we can say anything about them (see my signature on how to collect those)

    Setting this to 'Further infos missing' in case you need support for the 'bugs'.
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