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August 12, 2008
Hi all,

First up I want to apologize in advance if I tread a beaten path here - as I'm completely new to this I have no idea what term references what so despite trying to search the forums for answers first I came up with zip, zero, zilch!!

I have a few question regarding the B&W 1080 skin. Firstly in my fairly short travels with MP I noticed that if you are on the home screen and you hit left the options for quitting MP and shutting down etc come up. They don't seem to be doing that for me...I have to either go in movies and do it (for some reason it works there) or ctrl-alt-delete to get out of MP!

I am using a 19" 4:3 ratio monitor at the moment but thats purely because my TV is on its way (as in not purchased yet lol).

Secondly when I try to hibernate from within MP it doesn't do anything. On a side note correct me if I'm wrong but MP takes AGES to start up if the PC is completely shut down so I'd rather just hibernate from within MP so the PC and MP start up quickly when you hit the power button - is this the right way to go about it?

Again sorry if this has been discussed over and over again in the past as I'm sure it has been, and also for the rushed nature of this post (I'm at work lol) but any help n regards to these matters would be greatly appreciated. I've modified the menus, installed plugins I like the look of and finally have all my media recognized in a way I like so these 2 little issues are all that stands between me and HTPC happiness :D


- Matt

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