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Discussion in 'IR Server Suite (IRSS)' started by Brian Penix, September 2, 2013.

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    First, I do want to thank the developers of this software (both Media Portal and IRSS) for bailing my butt out of a sticky situation. Let me explain my setup and why I am giving this thank you (and more importantly, making a donation when I get the funds!)

    I recently bought a new laptop computer that came with Windows 8 Basic. As I am sure you are well aware, Microsoft saw fit to remove Media Center from the Basic license and only make it available as a paid stand alone program requiring Windows 8 Professional at a total cost of over $100.00. I have extreme health issues and huge medical bills limiting my funds at the moment. Suffice it to say that I had to find another avenue to get my Adaptec AVC-3610 Dual Tuner to be more than the paperweight Microsoft saw fit to turn it into. Media Portal to the rescue! It took a bit of digging to get this setup right and everything works like a charm!

    Now onto the minor annoyance... As I said above, everything works like a charm however, processor usage jumps to over 50% once I am done watching my shows and close Media Portal. Investigation found that it is IRSS eating it all up. Worse, it will stay that way until I reboot. Once rebooted, the process goes down to the normal 1% or less until I use Media Portal again. I am telling you this simply as an FYI and don't know if others have experienced this issue. I am fine with the rebooting since it only happens when I use Media Portal on this machine. Use of the server on other machines seems to work fine. I even got it to interface with my Toshiba TV! What more can one ask for...lol.

    If there are any logs or anything you want from me, just ask and I will do whatever I can if you wish to look into this issue. It is not pressing since, as I said, everything works which is far more than I had to start with!


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