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Here’s a Comskip setting which seems little documented but very handy in my opinion. Maybe this is well known already but I haven’t found mention in the forums.

There are two parameters which can be added to the comskip.ini which direct Comskip to ignore advertisements within specified seconds of the start or the end of a recording. The settings are:


My comskip.ini now has the following setting to ignore skips within the last 10 minutes of a recording:

Now my recordings (after extremely limited testing) no longer skip at program end, and instead I can watch the credits/preview of upcoming episodes etc. Without this, the skip at the end of a program often left me wondering if I’d missed something. I’ve also heard of some occurrences where the skip steps are unreliable towards the end, so this should help with that as well.

Below is an example txt file generated before adding the always_keep_last_seconds setting:
1 2483
15993 22442
30586 32437
38421 38422

and after adding the setting:
1 2483
15993 22442
38421 38422

You can see that the second file above no longer has the “30586 32437” skip point which is within the last 600 seconds of the recording. I believe this setting was introduced in Comskip version 0.80.023

I hope this is helpful. I’d like to hear of any other great Comskip settings that people use?

Lastly, check out my TV Server plugin which ensures that too many concurrent Comskip processes don’t overload your system:
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December 13, 2009
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Thanks for the info, the skipping of the credits always drives me crazy.

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