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December 5, 2009
Australia Australia
Just tested without updating. Worked fine.
Then updated. Still working fine. :)


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September 14, 2007
I don't know when this started for me, but I have trouble viewing the .flv files used on iView. This isn't due to the Onlinevideos plugin as I can download the file and it doesn't play in Mediaportal or Media Player classic. They seem to work in VLC player though. Have tried different codec combinations (SAF, LAV, ffdshow etc.) but can't get these .flv files to work. Anybody else had this issue with iView? Trying to see if it is anything to do with the file format used on the iView website before I resort to complete re-install.
Thought I'd post in this part of the forum first, as opposed to codec section in case anyone else was having this same issue and thought it was the Online plugin, which it isn't.
As a follow up, managed to get working again. Uninstalled all codecs, reinstalled LAV 0.44 only. Gotta love those codecs, not sure many times they've caused me to pull my hair out!

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