Ability to browse videos and audio by folder

Discussion in 'General' started by CSMR, June 7, 2019.

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    MP 1 has excellent browsing by folders. Browse on one side of the screen, with info about the currently selected content on the other.
    Browsing audio has a similar structure.

    This is an absolute requirement for a many users.

    Tags cannot substitute for folders because: 1. Tags can't express a hierarchy, 2. You cannot view tags together with files (as you can view folders and files in a folder), 2. it typically takes longer to select a tag than a folder, 3. Media is typically already categorized in folder structures for viewing outside of MediaPortal. The same reasons why folder structures exist for files in all major OSes also applies to media. Organizing a large classical music collection is impossible with tags.

    Is it possible to port MP1's support for browsing and folders?

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    > Takachulo Aibility to play Media without adding them to DB
    > I agree 100%. I like the way "Videos" works in MP1 where files are separated in folders, and the files aren't all shown together.
    > Also, the files added as "TV Series" and "Movies" should not then also show up in the "Videos" section. It just makes a huge mess of files.

    > mathem [solved] - IMDB script broken again
    > ... so Moving Pictures absolutely does not offer a folder view, totally useless for my huge ig collection
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    Folder view -> Folders

    Proper preparation of media sources to get everything sorted properly in Movie, TV Series, Audio sections -> Setting up Media Items
    If you prepare all video files then only home made videos will show up in the 'Video' section while movies and TV shows are sorted under 'Movies' and 'Series'.
    I recommend to work with .nfo files. Thus MP2 and Kodi can work with your media collection (Movies, Series, Audio). In MP1 only Moving Pictures can, MPTVSeries can not.

    The Wiki is your friend ;)


    Blue Max
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