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November 15, 2008

I currently started to convert my DVD TV Show collection to mkv. Now I have a set, where I may found a problem with my HTPC config.
Normaly I use Handbrake to convert the DVDs to MKV. However - for audiotracks I just do a copy.
Now one set has 2 audio tracks:
1. English, AC3, 5.1
2. German, AC3, 2.0

When I playback the file in german, the volume is ok. If I switch to english the volume is very low.
So I tried to compare the 2 audio tracks with replaygain (Foobar2000). As fb2k doesn't accept ac3 I had to convert the tracks to acc (all other settings where taken from original). But the replaygain analyze, didn't show much delta (~1db).
So I tried the 2 ACC files - and they play nearly with the same volume.
Now I wonder, why does this problem occur with AC3 Tracks?

My HTPC is connected to my Yamaha RX V 471 via SP/DIF and my Yamaha is configured to use only 4.1 (so the center should be distributed across the front speakers.

Maybe someone has an idea?


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