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January 5, 2006
I'm having sound in MP 0.2 RC2 routed through S/PDIF to my reciever, and thus have installed AC3filter to get the correct sound from xVids with AC3 sound. This is working fine, but after I had installed AC3filter, playing mp3's in MP also seems to be playing through AC3filter and mixing it to be an AC3 stream. So the mp3's are now recognized as Dolby Digital at my reciever, and surround effects are added, which I don't want.

How can I tell MP or AC3filter to not use AC3filter for mp3's?

When I uninstall AC3filter, mp3's work as normal, but then I don't get AC3 from xvids.


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  • November 14, 2004

    I suspect you installed the 1.x alpha version of AC3Filter, right? That version also allows encoding of other source formats to AC3. You can disable that in the config. You can configure AC3Filter via Control Panel or via the start menu. The other option is to just deinstall this version and install version 0.7b, which IMHO is the preferred version. You can download this version from

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