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    Qustion, and the bug in regards to this.

    "In GUI Importer
    The big new feature in this release is the in GUI importer. This means that when a movie does not auto approve you no longer have to exit to the config. This feature is accessible from the context menu (F9) and on all skins I have seen so far, on the slide out menu as well. Thank you to Edalex for getting the ball rolling on this.

    Because this is a new feature some skins do not yet support the in GUI importer. Please be patient with the designer's of your favorite skins, what they do is difficult! Currently the plugin includes fully implemented Default and DefaultWide support created by Catavolt. If you are using MediaPortal 1.3, the latest version of Titan Extended also supports the new importer."

    Qustion: Why cant i manually approve a movie that cannot be found data for online inside MEPO "Add as blank movie (Editebel)" ??
    thats pretty much the only time i needs it..

    Bug: When will the movie importer bug be solved that crash the importer when one manually edit movie name and approved "Add as blank movie (Editebel)"

    Thanks hoping for some answers:)
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