[Finished] Add dialog for plugins (OV, Webradio..) that ask about concurrent playback (1 Viewer)


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    And to go further it could be made an OV setting, so you can configure it.
    That would be great! The SlimTV plugin already has such an option . :)

    Could something simliar achieved by the Webradio plugin too? (@BigGranu @morpheus_xx)
    Thanks! :)


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    Could something simliar achieved by the Webradio plugin too? (@BigGranu @morpheus_xx):)
    I think for WebRadio we should take the default MP2 way, as stated here:
    You can use the method "PlayItemsModel.CheckQueryPlayAction(MediaItem)", which checks player state, resume handling etc. This is the default method from MediaLibrary.
    @BigGranu, can you change this and test if it is a way you like?


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    Here is a Testversion.
    I wanted to make a bigger Update, but i have not enough time in the moment.

    If any Video is playing and you will start a Webradiostream, then comes a Playbackdialog.
    If the plan. ;)

    I hope it works.

    Replace the "Webradio" folder in Plugins with the Folder in attached zip.



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    Hope you don't mind but I just discovered this plugin for MP2 and Love it!!
    Is there a way to configure it to show just a specific country?
    Also, while I found a USA station, the information about the station is not english


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