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  • September 20, 2007
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    CrossEPG lightweight and portable epg for enigma2 dvb receivers (sat, cable and dtt).

    Generic features:

    • A lightweight epg db
    • Protocol supported (by sat): OpenTV, MHW2 (with mhw2downloader by sergiotas)
    • Protocol supported (by file): CSV, XMLTV (also gzip compressed), XEPGDB
    • Scriptable with python
    • HTTP data retrieve (for import)
    • Integration with internal receiver epg
    • Open source (LGPLv2.1 license)
    • Create a compatibile epg.dat
    • Configuration panel
    • Downloader plugin
    • Importer plugin
    • Automatic script execution before import process
    • Automatic daily EPG download
    • Delay daily download if exist a record in progress
    • Automatic EPG download on channel tune
    • Python libraries for developers
    • Automatic load data after a download without a reboot (a patch is required)
    • Automatic reboot enigma2 if no patch exist
    • Support for CrossEPG ENIGMA2 v2 patch
    • Support for simple epgcache.load() patch
    • Support for EDG NEMESIS patch
    • Support for Oudeis patch
    • Support UTF-8 charset
    • Internationalization
    Default providers:

    • Ausat OpenTV (Optusc1 on 156.0)
    • Sky Italia OpenTV (Hotbird on 13.0)
    • Sky Uk OpenTV (Astra2 on 28.2)
    • Sky Uk OpenTV (Astra2 on 28.4)
    • MHW2 Digital+ (mhw2downloader by sergiotas)
    • Ambrosa RAI Script
    • Ambrosa Mediaset Premium Script
    • Devilcosta Nova English XMLTV
    • Devilcosta Nova Greek XMLTV
    • Krkadoni ExYu XMLTV
    • Linuxsat ExUSSR XMLTV
    • Rytec Benelux XMLTV
    • Rytec Bulgaria XMLTV
    • Rytec Denmark XMLTV
    • Rytec Erotic XMLTV
    • Rytec Finland XMLTV
    • Rytec France XMLTV
    • Rytec Germany/Austria/Swiss XMLTV
    • Rytec Greece In English XMLTV
    • Rytec Greece XMLTV
    • Rytec Hungary XMLTV
    • Rytec Israel XMLTV
    • Rytec Italy XMLTV
    • Rytec Norway XMLTV
    • Rytec Osn/Jsc XMLTV
    • Rytec Poland XMLTV
    • Rytec Portugal XMLTV
    • Rytec Romania XMLTV
    • Rytec Serbia/Croatia/Montenegro XMLTV
    • Rytec Slovack/Czech XMLTV
    • Rytec Slovenia XMLTV
    • Rytec Spain XMLTV
    • Rytec Sweden XMLTV
    • Rytec Turkey XMLTV
    • Rytec UK BBCi XMLTV
    • Rytec UK XMLTV
    • Rytec West-Africa/Csat Horizons XMLTV
    • Za/Multichoice/Dstv/Osn XMLTV
    Application credits:

    • Sandro Cavazzoni aka skaman (main developer)
    • Ambrosa (scripts developer)
    • Sergiotas (mhw2epgdownloader author)
    • u Killer Bestia (server side application maintainer)
    • Spaeleus (italian translations)
    • Bodyan (ukrainian translations)
    • Kosmacz (polish translations)
    • Ku4a (russian translations)
    Sources credits:

    About CrossEPG ENIGMA2 patch v2

    • The patch add an API crossepgImportEPG(string dbroot) visible on python side.
    • The fix on sectionRead is the same used from oudeis patch and i think is deeply tested.
    • I used oudeis patch as an example to make my patch working... so to oudeis his credits :)

    pobrałem plik unpack file ,rename file rytecxmltvpoland to tvguide.xml

    open TV-Server Configuration -> plugins -> XmTV -> import


    Crossepg - Rytec graber EPG for MediaPortal


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