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July 20, 2013
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Hi Guys,

First off I'm very new to MediaPortal in general so please accept my apologies for my probable ignorance.

I've been trying a few different skins and have settled on the titan skin as my preference but would like to make a couple of changes but cant seem to figure out how or if this is possible.

First question
I have 2 video folders, one for movies and one for home movies. I have the moving pictures plugin setup and all the movies are tagged correctly etc.
In MP i have the movies tile on my homescreen, but to view my home movies i have to switch to view by shares and navigate to the other folder.
What I would like to do is add a tile to the home screen which shows me the home movies videos folder, in addition to the current movies tile which would filter to just shown released movies.

Second Question,
Alot the same lines really, I have the onlinevideos plugin but would like to add a tile for "On Demand TV" which would show onlinevideos filtered to just show on demand stuff like iPLayer and 4OD and another tile for sports

Again apologies if I have missed something obvious, I have tried searching but i think the terminolgy is letting me down about being able to find an answer.

Thanks in advance,

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