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October 8, 2014
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cannot modify the wiki by myself. (I also reset my password of the jompage account). Therefore I request it here:

The Link to the Media Feature Package for Windows 10 N and KN listed on this wiki page
needs an addition or at least an update.
The new Version can be found here:
The reasons can be read here:
I found the hint here:
I had to find it for myself because after the update in the fall Nov. 2015 I couldn't play any vids in mp2.

There is a need of a short link to the requirements! It would be also very usefull to have the requirements of MP1 and MP2 on one site!


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    Everybody can update the Wiki. Just log into the site with your forum credentials and you will be able to edit content.


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    October 8, 2014
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    This doesn't work for me, I always forwarded to
    the login is tricky sometimes as there is an evil bridge between forum/homepage and wiki which is broken for some users that registered in specific timeframes. You can try to request a new password for forum (not hp), confirm that one in forum, log in to homepage with the new pass and finally login to wiki again. If that doesn't help I need to manually set a new one and try some magic.

    added the updated dl-link, @morpheus_xx : please check if thats ok

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