1. M

    Wiki Wiki broken

    Hi all, and thanks for the great work you do to make MediaPortal available as an open source and free software. As I'm currently setting up my first HTPC, I installed MP 1.26 and in the last few days I was following the Quick Setup Guide to have it ready, but since yesterday evening (in my...
  2. CyberSimian

    [solved] How Do I Get The Colours That I Want?

    Recently I have been making a few changes to the skin that I use. I have re-arranged some of the data on the screen, and that works OK. But I cannot get the skin engine to display the colours that I want. :cry: The skin ("DefaultWide" in MP 1.12) uses picture backgrounds, which I find make...
  3. J

    [solved] Attachments are not available - Internal Server Error

    Hello, Neither images are shown nor file attachements can be downloaded in the wiki. It just shows a "500 Internal Server Error": ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Internal Server Error The server...
  4. H

    Wiki "Additional requirements for Windows 10 N edition" - Additional Link needed

    Hi, cannot modify the wiki by myself. (I also reset my password of the jompage account). Therefore I request it here: The Link to the Media Feature Package for Windows 10 N and KN listed on this wiki page...
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