1. CyberSimian

    [solved] How Do I Get The Colours That I Want?

    Recently I have been making a few changes to the skin that I use. I have re-arranged some of the data on the screen, and that works OK. But I cannot get the skin engine to display the colours that I want. :cry: The skin ("DefaultWide" in MP 1.12) uses picture backgrounds, which I find make...
  2. J

    [solved] Attachments are not available - Internal Server Error

    Hello, Neither images are shown nor file attachements can be downloaded in the wiki. It just shows a "500 Internal Server Error": ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Internal Server Error The server...
  3. H

    Wiki "Additional requirements for Windows 10 N edition" - Additional Link needed

    Hi, cannot modify the wiki by myself. (I also reset my password of the jompage account). Therefore I request it here: The Link to the Media Feature Package for Windows 10 N and KN listed on this wiki page...
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