Adjustable playback tempo with constant pitch

Discussion in 'improvement suggestions' started by phrvgi, April 25, 2008.

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    April 25, 2008
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    Started on: 2008-04-25
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    Adjust playback rate of a prerecorded TV program anywhere from half speed to double speed, with pitch-corrected audio. Very addicting feature once you try it. Open source code available.


    Usually this feature is used to watch entire programs in about two-thirds the time, or skim it with audio in half the time. It is especially useful for programs with a lot of talking such as speeches and discussion panels, as well as documentaries. Even entertainment programs can be sped up a little, but you might not want to. Experience with this feature in MythTV has shown that just about any program can be sped up 15% to 20% without people noticing. It takes a few minutes of experience to get up to 50%, and then 70% faster and still comprehend everything people are saying. Slow speakers can still be understood at 100% faster.

    MythTV (an open source PVR for Linux) has this feature and it works very well. However, the user interface for changing speeds is awkward: Press "A" and then use arrow keys to adjust speed in 5% increments. A better way to adjust would be to have dedicated buttons on the remote to speed up or slow down in 5% increments, so the feature is as easy to use as the volume control.

    Once someone is used to this feature, it becomes a "must have" for any PVR to be considered. When deprived of it, watching any prerecorded program feels like a waste of time (not the watching part, but that it takes so long to get through it).

    To see it in action just set up MythTV on a spare hard drive. I recommend googling "mythdora" or "mythbuntu" for easy, preconfigured setups. I would love to see this feature ported to a Windows-based PVR.
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  3. urev
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    June 7, 2005
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    cool idea, that would be very helpful for me. Any news on that?
    bye, urev
  4. tourettes
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    January 7, 2005
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    Currently there are no plans for such feature.
  5. RBwaBD

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    August 8, 2008
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    great idea. use VLC player usually for this

    i'd be highly interested in getting this as well integrated in MP

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