After Win10 upgrade and downgrade to Win7 no live TV (1 Viewer)


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April 23, 2014
Austria Austria
i tried to upgrade my server to Win10 but got several troubles, maybe my DVB-T card is too old and some other sh*t.
But hey no problem - fallback. :D
Now i can not watch live tv on my singleseat setup (livingroom), but this one is the server and the client in the sleepingroom is working fine (i can watch live tv there), surprisingly with Win10. ;)
Interesting thing, when i tried to create logs with the watchdog it worked, so hmm one of the plugins is faulty because then i tried the second choice in the watchdog and tadaaa it didn't work.
Tried to uninstall some plugins i'm not using but no success.
My question, which one is causing the problems, i've no idea.
Thx in advance!

PS: 1st Log 13:39 - Everything worked, 2nd Log 13:40 - No Live TV, 3rd Log 13:51 - Less Plugins, still no Live TV


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April 23, 2014
Austria Austria
Okay, i think i got it but no idea why Moving Pictures is making me troubles with Live TV.

Edit: Okay this worked once and a half time but now Mediaportal chrashes after channel selection. :(
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    From the last log files provided, it looks like the TV-Series database is corrupted:
    [2015-08-27 13:50:42,946] [Log ] [Sync ] [INFO ] - SQLiteClient: Closing database: TVSeriesDatabase4.db3
    [2015-08-27 13:50:42,993] [Log ] [Update ] [INFO ] - Titan Updater: Checking for Updates...
    [2015-08-27 13:50:43,055] [Log ] [Sync ] [INFO ] - SQLiteClient: Closing database:
    [2015-08-27 13:50:43,071] [Log ] [Update ] [INFO ] - Titan Updater: No Updates are available
    [2015-08-27 13:50:43,164] [Log ] [Sync ] [INFO ] - SQLiteClient: Closing database:
    [2015-08-27 13:50:43,227] [Log ] [21 ] [INFO ] - [MPEI] Next download of updates scheduled for 02.09.2015 19:20:34
    [2015-08-27 13:50:43,273] [Log ] [Sync ] [INFO ] - SQLiteClient: Closing database:
    [2015-08-27 13:50:43,383] [Log ] [Sync ] [INFO ] - SQLiteClient: Closing database:
    [2015-08-27 13:50:43,492] [Log ] [Sync ] [INFO ] - SQLiteClient: Closing database:
    Please follow the instructions in the wiki for TVSeriesDatabase4.db3 instead of VideoDatabaseV5.db3

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