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Discussion in 'OnlineVideos' started by sin360, September 12, 2011.

  1. sin360

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    August 5, 2011
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    I've been trying to add Al Jazeera English with no success. I've tried the rtmp util and haven't been able to get it to work. I've also tried the youtube util since they have a live youtube channel and I was able to get all the videos, but not the live channel. All I'm trying to get working is the live channel not all the videos on the site.

    Here are the links that I have been trying to use.

    rtmp:// playpath=aljazeera_english_2 swfUrl="" pageUrl="" live=true

    rtmp:// playpath=aljazeer_en_veryhigh.sdp swfUrl="" pageUrl="" swfVfy=true live=true

    rtmp:// playpath=aljazeer_en_high.sdp swfUrl="" pageUrl="" swfVfy=true live=true

    This is the youtube channel


    The original site


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  3. oursin

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    March 22, 2007
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    Did you manage to get Aljazeera in Mediaportal?
  4. doskabouter
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    September 27, 2009
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    I've been investigating the first rtmp-url, but at the moment i'm not getting anywhere.

    Code (Text):
    2.     <Site name="al jazeer2" util="Rtmp" agecheck="false" enabled="true" lang="en">
    3.       <Description>rtmp tester</Description>
    4.       <Configuration>
    5.         <item key="rtmpurl"><![CDATA[rtmp://]]></item>
    6.         <item key="playpath"><![CDATA[aljazeera_english_low]]></item>
    7.         <item key="swfVfy"><![CDATA[true]]></item>
    8.         <item key="swfurl"><![CDATA[]]></item>
    9.         <item key="pageurl"><![CDATA[]]></item>
    10.         <item key="live"><![CDATA[true]]></item>
    11.       </Configuration>
    12.       <Categories>
    13.         <Category xsi:type="Group" name="test">
    14.           <Channels>
    15.             <Channel name="test"></Channel>
    16.           </Channels>
    17.         </Category>
    18.       </Categories>
    19.     </Site>
    Mediaportal freezes completely (@offbyone: do you have this also?) although it connects ok to the server.

    Maybe it's a very slow/crappy stream?

    Edit: and isn't working (not even in a browser)
  5. rmeredit
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    April 10, 2007
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    I've just now had some success using 1.2.0 of the plugin. I've published my channel using the web publishing tool in the plugin configuration tool. I've used the following rtmp feed (nabbed from the xbmc plugin): rtmp://

    The only problem I'm striking is that the audio is out of sync with the video. However, I've found that this is the case for other live streams too, so I think the config for the site itself is fine. The feed above plays fine in XBMC, as well as using rtmpdump with VLC.

    Here's the xml for my site:

    Code (Text):
    1. <Site name="Al Jazeera English" util="Rtmp" agecheck="false" enabled="true" lang="en" lastUpdated="2012-04-09T15:14:32.9075069+10:00">
    2.       <Description>Al Jazeera English is a 24 hour news and current affairs channel broadcast from Doha, Kuala Lumpur, London and Washington DC.  They provide independent, impartial news for an international audience and a voice to a diversity of perspectives from under-reported regions.</Description>
    3.       <Configuration>
    4.         <item key="rtmpurl"><![CDATA[rtmp://]]></item>
    5.         <item key="app"><![CDATA[aljazeeraflashlive-live]]></item>
    6.         <item key="tcUrl"><![CDATA[rtmp://]]></item>
    7.         <item key="playpath"><![CDATA[aljazeera_english_1]]></item>
    8.         <item key="live"><![CDATA[true]]></item>
    9.       </Configuration>
    10.       <Categories>
    11.         <Category xsi:type="Group" name="Al Jazeera English Live Stream" thumb="" desc="Live broadcast stream.">
    12.           <Channels>
    13.             <Channel name="Al Jazeera English Live Stream" thumb="">rtmp://</Channel>
    14.           </Channels>
    15.         </Category>
    16.         <Category xsi:type="RssLink" name="Riz Khan" thumb="" desc="The Riz Khan show seeks out the widest range of opinion, from leaders in the developing world to the global economic power houses and gets them to tackle the issues that are being debated on the streets and in the corridors of power."></Category>
    17.         <Category xsi:type="RssLink" name="Listening Post" thumb="" desc="Presented by Richard Gizbert, Listening Post is a weekly insight into how the news is covered by the world's media. From the West Bank to Washington the show looks at what is being reported - and what is not."></Category>
    18.         <Category xsi:type="RssLink" name="Playlist" thumb="" desc="Al Jazeera's latest programme is devoted to the music of global fusion. From across the world we meet the artists whose unique blends of sounds are creating a new musical melting pot."></Category>
    19.         <Category xsi:type="RssLink" name="Artsworld" thumb="" desc="As the world struggles with financial difficulties Artsworld, Al Jazeera's unique culture show, returns for a second series to add a splash of colour to the grey economic background. &#xD;&#xA;&#xD;&#xA;Presented by special local personalities who reveal their local culture and stories often overlooked elsewhere in the mainstream media."></Category>
    20.         <Category xsi:type="RssLink" name="The Stream" thumb="" desc="An aggregator of online sources and discussion, seeking out unheard voices, new perspectives and untold angles."></Category>
    21.       </Categories>
    22.     </Site>
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