Alter auto refresh rates

Rob Kettridge

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October 12, 2015
Hello. Just looking at moving from MP1 to MP2. One issue i'm having is that if i set auto refresh rate on then when i play a 23.97hz bluray rip it tries to change the screen refresh to 23hz which for some reason causes my graphics to drop to 1024x768 and the audio to stop. I fixed this in MP1 by changing the 23.97 setting to change to 24 not 23. Can't find the same setting in MP2. Does it exist... can i modify a system file somewhere?

I know i can exempt 23hz from the settings menu but that leaves all my blu rays stuttering...



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September 8, 2007
I looking also for that .... MP1 works perfect with the setting mentioned above. MP2 has no ability for force other refresh rates.
So 23,97 will result in 23 instead of 24 .... this makes MP2 unusable for me at this moment.


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