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September 28, 2005
Fyi, the popular dtvcontrol.exe for controlling certain DirecTV settops via serial control did not work for me out-of-the box with my D10-100 settop. (I was just trying to use the included GUI. I could power on/off, but could not change channels.) I didn't spend too much time on it, and others have used it successfully with MP, so could just be me. (There's a great write-up here by bitbyte on using dtvcontrol with MP:

But I've also read that there was a firmware update from DirecTV to certain receivers this past summer that broke many serial control utilities like dtvcontrol, preventing, among other things, them from changing to channels below 100. I don't know what versions were affected or not though.

In any case, there is another serial control utility for DirecTV settops available. The original is programmed in PERL (which would probably work for MP as well, but I haven't tried it). Someone has made an executable based on that PERL script though for Windows. I've been using that executable with the MpTuneExCmd plugin to change channels, and it seems to be working.

Windows Executable (directv.exe and some additional info):

PERL Script (Just fyi. I haven't tried this):

Some notes on using the MpTuneExCmd plugin with directv.exe: (Look for the first post by me, a few posts down on the first page. The example I gave shows how I was using the directv.exe program.)

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