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    This Thread is marked as bloqued, because have the goal of map user to good system. and explain a bit how work the Lighning system.

    What is Ambient Light System ?
    - This solution is an generic name ( free or rights ) for the Ambilight system made by Phillips.
    - The goal is to capture the border of vidéo stream in realtime and show on the wall behind the tv, an light with the same color than border.

    - This effect had the advantages :
    ~ to have wide effect result when watch TV.
    ~ better eyes efficients with dark movie. ( no need anymore, to have an small light on)

    Reference :
    Wiki link about Ambilight :
    Philips ambilight :

    How is work : the principe !

    The first system was made by Philips with them TV. for do easy ... the stream send to TV and displayed on screen, this steam is analysed by an internal chipset and send information to the LEDs available on the border behind the screen.

    principe ambilight.png

    Lot of consumer don't want / don't can't and don't like buy Philips TV for many choice.
    - Feature
    - Evolution
    - Price
    - Design.
    .... So, everybody have own reason.

    it's Why, lot of consumer have build their own solutions ...

    Requirement :

    Today, Lot of system and hardware are released :
    - the First : Philips ambilight ( the major actor) but available with TV only
    - ...
    i can't list all System, since few years, lot of hardware / software was released, with advantage and inconvenient .

    |- Software :

    In this list 3 or 4 software are always in use ...
    - Boblight : supported principaly on Linux OS, but Windows working too. website
    - Atmowin : Windows support website
    - Ambibox : Windows website
    - Prismatik : Windows website

    All software have their method for detect and capture border color.

    Generally software include their own algorythm for capture. only one ( Ambibox ) use the PlayCaw software, seems to be better for capture vidéogame.

    As you read MediaPortal Forum, we look only the MP Software .

    the most used is ..... : Atmowin + Atmolight

    Atmowin can't work alone on MP without an additional plugin for control it.
    this Extension is Atmolight, his goal is to have the good setting for each using inside MP ( Vidéo / TV / Music / Radio )

    Atmowin was released at the beginning for work with only 4 channel TOP / BOTTOM / LEFT/ RIGHT.
    And is reworked today by few dev for enhance the software and add more protocol .

    the next schemes describe the generic procedure of software :

    principe connection lite.png

    now you can see, the logic of Software, it's an very easy view.

    Software logique .png

    |- Hardware :

    on the Hardware side, All is available :from simple to more complicated .

    we speak only of what is the most used here : only 2 system are available

    - SEDU board : This hardware is available on German country, working with MiniDMX protocol, and is the most easy to work ( out of box) and can be updated by the manufacturer for support more LED chipset but i think can be used only for this system website

    - Arduino ( or compatible ) : Know as The White Wolf, Few package are already available with Arduino board + LEDs strip + cables + Firmware injected in Arduino .
    So, what is good with Arduino, is you can do what you want, update the firmware, add feature to the board, change protocol ( depend of firmware used ).

    | - Leds strip :

    compared to RGB band strip simple with 4 wire ( R + G + B and Ground ) ,
    strip model have many channel : 1 Channel = 1 LED RGB + 1 Chipset
    the chipset control the 3 LEd ( RGB) and is controled by the signal send from Board.

    | - | Chipset :

    Example of connection ( WS2801 chipset ) :


    - WS2801 : are the most used here
    - WS2812B : the new gen of Chipset led
    but you can find lot of chipset available for working with board.

    | - | Leds :
    On our forum we have an Thread dedicated to Leds supplieres :

    | - | Power Supply Unit "PSU" :

    In big part, one RGB leds use 60 mA (mili-Ampere) on Fulle White.
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    |- Hardware : Leds Protection : IP20/65/67/68
    IP65 Waterproof(glue on top)
    IP67 Waterproof(in silicone tube)
    IP68 Waterproof(underwater)
    The Protection also has effect on transmiting light.

    IP20/30 | IP65 | IP67 : Credits to Sinonlea for leds captures
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