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  • August 9, 2012
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    The new 2020 AMD graphics control app. "Radeon Settings" (Driver package ver. 19.12.2 &3) fails to start after a resume from hibernation but only if MP (1.23 final) was also running when the HTPC was put in standby. Nothing happens at all if the icon on the taskbar is double clicked and when I attempt to run the app from win10 start menu then a semi transparent window appears on the display which does not react to anything except killing the task from the task manager. If MP is closed prior to putting the HTPC is standby there is no problem, also older driver versions prior to 19.12.2 don't seem to suffer the same. Restarting the HTPC returns the app. to normal operation. As far as I can tell the GPU continues to function OK when the settings app is in this failure mode.
    I will also raise this on the AMD driver forum but suspect the answer may well be it is an MP problem.:rolleyes:

    Any ideas?

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