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December 14, 2008
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It's been a long time but I am finally migrating back to MP from MCE, you've come a long way :)

I have paid for the pro version and it is working fine but wondered if I have missed something as I am unable to delete watched recorded TV on the app.

When I'm away how do I delete the recorded TV using the app? is this possible? is it using a setting from MP that i need to change?(n)

Any help would be great as everything is working apart from this one glitch/problem/wish



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    Can you delete from WebMediaPortal? Obviously not what you wanted but might do as a workaround


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    December 14, 2008
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    Its included in MPExt 0.6. MPiV uses it.
    Sorry as I'm new what is MPExt 0.6 and MPiV?

    I have a little work around which is to add my TV folder as Home Videos in Plex so I can delete the remotely that way, I then have to clean up the xml file when I get back.[DOUBLEPOST=1413568078][/DOUBLEPOST]Sorry got it, I see the latest official release is 0.5.4 of MPExtended and MPiV is the iPad app.

    Got to say app has very good aesthetics, does anyone know when 0.6 will be released and then perhaps the dev will be able to add this feature :)
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    The latest stable release of aMPDroid uses the backend service MPExtended 0.5.4. The 0.5.4 version of MPExt has no support for deleting recordings. However, it was added later and is included in MPExt 0.6 beta. MediaPortal iViewer is an iPad app that uses MPExt 0.6 beta and has support for deleting recordings. The app is however not released on Android.

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