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October 7, 2011
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hi diebagger

Thanks again for the great app.

I'm not sure if this has been highlighted already, but there is a problem with the detailed EPG view in Ampdroid (I mean the view that shows you the whole day's schedule for a specific channel) - it seems to be an hour out of sync with the simple now/next/later view you are presented with when you choose the EPG option from the tv menu. This causes havoc with recordings in mp as it tries to record programmes that are already finished.

please see the screenshots for more detail, and focus on the Sky 1 HD channel - there is a disagreement between the two views as to when Ross Kemp is on air. I dont know if this is an MP Extended issue.

I'm running the app on an android smartphone and on a galaxy tab - same issue on both. The EPG on the actual MP tvserver is perfectly correct. Any ideas anyone?

Not sure which logs to post that may help...


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October 7, 2011
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Errm, no. Clocks dont change till end of October.

There is still a bug if the two views cant agree as to what time a show is on though, right?

Thanks for the reply though - any one else care to test this out?


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  • November 4, 2012
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    I'm having the same problem with Ampdroid Pro. This is a pretty old thread and i'm hoping a solution or cause has been found in the meantime. Does anyone have any info about this?

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