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May 12, 2012
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Have MP working well. Recently downloaded wifiremote 0.7.1 and MPextended on my Win7 machine. setup normally exactly like setup video on this site instructed. downloaded aMPdroid on my LG android. Connected up right away and worked fine for a few days. This morning I tried to use it and received "remote not connected" when trying to play any videos. All other services working fine to browse moving pictures, tv, etc.. Found that Wifi Remote plugin missing from my MP config. found on this site that other users uninstalled wifi remote 0.7.1 and installed 0.7.0 and this resolved the issue right away. This did not work for me. I disabled/reenabled MPextended service in services.msc, no change. rebooted my win7 machine, no change. Wifi remote still will not connect. I have removed/readded client account in ampdroid on my phone, no change. I went about my day and came back to this a few hours later. Checked that firewall and antivirus were disabled on my machine. tried using the demo client on another computer, could not connect to the wifi remote on default port of 8017. Can connect to everything else on port 4322. Tried using wifi remote on port 4322, no change "Remote Not Connected". I was really liking ampdroid... until it stopped working. Any ideas?

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