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April 7, 2009
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hi, this is my first post here ... I've been searching for awhile in the wiki and the forum, without any luck so far. so I decided to register and ask it myself.

I'm busy designing (or better: tweaaking) my own basichome page. Certain controls are only visible when another control has the focus, and I'm using the 'visible' tag and a 'fade' animations for the types 'visible' and 'hidden' for that. The animations work fine, but the 'hidden' animation is also shown when the page opens.

To solve this I tried using the 'condition' tag as decribed in the wiki, but the condition seems to be ignored.
For testing, I used the condition "Control.HasFocus(123)" and while I am sure the control 123 does not have the focus, the animation is shown anyway. Next, I tried a condition which definately has to be false: "Control.HasFocus(123)+!Control.HasFocus(123)", the animation is still shown!

So, am I missing something, or is there a problem with animation conditions?
Or is there another way to prevent the animation from showing when the page opens?

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