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February 18, 2010
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ok i use MP Only for watching Anime and nothing else
i have been using it going back to 1.0.1 if not longer
i have Always used the same settings and never had a problem
on my MCE remote i have the CH up and down buttons set to show - Video Playlist it works well with my remote layout
but every time i hit the button i get the playlist + list menu with Sorting highlighted i know this is a small thing to 99% of you but i found it so annoying after 2 days i uninstalled 1.3.0 and went back to 1.2.3 it dos not have this problem when i hit the button it takes me to what ever was last selected in the playlist
this was learned on a clean Windows install i had just finished it in this order
Windows > Mobo drivers > Video Drivers > windows Updates > DirectX > .Net install > Visual Studio C# > Team MediaPortal > StreamedMP
and so you know my system is a Quad AMD 6286 ES total of 64cores at 3.8GHz with 128GB of DDR3 and 4 AMD 7970's all water cooled pushing 7 screens. 55'LG TV + 6 monitors.

Steps to Reproduce:
try using the Action/Show Playlist and or Window/Video Playlist under MCE remote
it doesn't seam to matter what skin i use all do the same
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    Please post full debug logs when reproducing the issue.

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