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January 12, 2013
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I'm a long time MCE user and trying to switch to Mediaportal. The last hurdle I need to overcome is STB channel changing. I have been able to setup IRSS and TV3 Blaster plugin but when I test the blasting functionality it is unreliable as buttons are often missed by my STB. For example if I want to send channel 1210, about 1 out of every 5 times the STB will pickup something like 110 or 121 or 210 or 10 etc. I can always see 4 flashes out of the IR blaster cable so I know TV3 Blaster is more or less doing it's job. I am using the old MCE remote and IR blaster. I have played with numerous IR transmitter positions on the STB and of course have played with the delay between button transmissions. It doesn't seem to matter what delay I put, the reliability is about the same; even with really long ones like 1000.

A couple of observations/questions:
1) Learning was very tricky. I was often getting timeouts when doing the learning and would have to do tricks like restarting the TV and/or IR service and then it would work for a few buttons and then timeout again so I would repeat the process. Eventually I managed to get all buttons learned. Could a bad learning experience either lead to bad transmissions later and/or be a sign of something else? I have also noticed that I have similar Learning challenges in other software I've been trying like HIP.
2) I suspect my hardware and IR blaster positioning on the STB is fine because when I use the DVBLink Colossus Bridge software with it's built-in Blaster config, channel changing is very reliable. I've never seen it miss a channel change. I noticed that it has a configuration option for transmit frequency and I need to set it to 32000 to get that reliability. What frequency does the TV3 Blaster plugin transmit at? Is it possible to configure that?
3) In addition to transmit frequency I was wondering if it's possible to configure something I would call the button "held" time? In other words, can we have the blaster simulate a user holding down a button on the remote for certain number of milliseconds? I wonder if the 'flash' durations are just too fast for my STB and might be worth trying it with longer flashes being sent if it's even possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I didn't attach any logs as I assume they won't be terribly useful since from a IRSS software point of view everything is working fine. It obviously has no idea the STB missed a digit or two.

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