Any way to prevent MP responding to Mute key? (1 Viewer)


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April 19, 2008
Hello Gurus,

I m using EventGhost to control my media PC and receiver. This works just fine. My only problem is, I haven't yet found a way to prevent MP to respond to the media keyboard's Mute key. Generally EventGhost handles all input. However, if MP is in focus, then it receives the Mute keypress and mutes sound, independent of EventGhost.

I would like to stop MP reacting to the Mute key - any ideas on how to do that?

Also, is there a function in MP that can be assigned to a keypress, and would trigger an UnMute event? I could then modify my InputDeviceMappings to trigger UnMute on a certain EventGhost message.

Any ideas 2?

Thx a lot.

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