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February 7, 2013
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Hi All

My wifa and I watch ALL of our TV via DVR. We both have crazy schedules, so often get to watch a recording at different times. This means the DVR is always cluttered, because neither of us know who's watched what. What I'd love is a plug-in that let's yyou register users and when you watch (or finish watching) a recording, it will ask who you are. This way, the system can track who's watched what and make it easy to keep the recordings pruned.

Anything like that out there? Anyone interested in writing it?




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    There was a discussion about possibly adding multiple user support in MP 1.4, but at the moment it is definitely not possible and there are no plugins that support this. What you could do however is one person uses my tv recordings and the other person uses my videos to watch the recordings, I'm pretty sure they maintain separate watched indicators.


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    Multiple user support would be awesome! There once was a DVR here in Los Angeles called Sezmi which supported Multiple users. You would select your username and only your recordings would appear. This was great. I wouldn't see my kids cartoon recordings or the wife's soap operas.


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    Different recording folders or permissions for multiple users or just clients would be really, really cool. Have the same problem with e.g. action movies, sport events,... my mom is not interested in and at the same time I don't need the list of all the cooking series. But if we want to watch a movie together just switch the recording folder with a single click and there we go.

    I don't think that this will happen in MP1.x but are there such plannings for MP2?

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