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November 19, 2008
Hello All:

I have really really tried hard to get this remote to work under Windows XP: - Anyware GP-IR02BK Vista 2 channel IR Remote Control

I currently have media portal running on Vista but would would like to use this with an XP based MP system. I have scoured these forums and google, tried everything but the remote is just not working. Can anyone definitively say one way or another whether these new eHome driver based MCE remotes will work under XP, and if so how to go about getting this done? There seem to be a million posts that point to other posts that point somewhere else, but near as I can tell there is no "YES it works, here's how" or "NO way Jose, you are just out of luck". In the event this remote is hopeless to get to work, is this the correct Microsoft MCE remote that will work flawlessly with MP under XP:

Microsoft Media Center IR Remote and Receiver M17-7900 at

If I weren't bald already this would have taken care of that little problem quick!


Thanks for any guidance!

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