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    I've made a simple tool for generating tiles. I've used it myself for some time (since I have no photo shop license...).

    It's quite simple, specify an input image (an URL or a file from your hdd), specify an output file, specify what kind of tile to create and click Create tile.


    It's somewhat hit and miss if the output is OK.
    Use a "big" source image where width and hight are greater than the resulting tile. For normal tiles fanart backdrops often work good. The big tiles are harder, backdrops sometimes work but more square images are to prefer (because of composition).

    Download if you would like to try it out.

    Edit: And it's very ALPHA...

    Edit again:
    You can always pre-crop the source image:
    Normal tile: 537x306
    Big tile: 614x624
    Darkness: 536x296
    Darkness big: 601x610
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