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Mike Page

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April 9, 2013
Australia Australia
This is a really stupid problem. I must be missing something.
Just did a fresh install of MP1.22 and StreamedMP on a new Win 10 box. TV Setup is fine.
Installed StreamedMP, imported TVSeries and Movies from plugins. Seems fine.
But when I click the icon to start MP, it starts MP Configuration. When I try to run MediaPortal.exe, I get the MP Configuration.
How do I get to actually start MP? What have I missed? No logs (no crashes). System is Win 10 Home, i5, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, HDHomerun Quad tuners
Any ideas gratefully accepted.
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    What have I missed?
    MediaPortal needs basic configuration in order to start. MP Config is loading to enable you to provide that basic configuration (codecs, folders etc.). Once you've configured what you need (or if you don't want to change the defaults), click OK to save then MP should open after than (...I think; if not double click the app icon again).

    P.S. I really do recommend at least choosing TV codecs if you're using MP for TV.


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    I have seen this a few times over the years. It seems like MP thinks something in the config needs to be changed, I would suggest that you open the config app. make some small change but make sure you click on the OK button to exit. That usually fixes it.

    @mm1352000 Beat me to it.;)

    Mike Page

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    April 9, 2013
    Australia Australia
    Solved it eventually. I actually had configured folders, codecs etc, so was confused why it didn't work.
    What I hadn't done was pressed the Test Connection button under TV Server. Pressed that, collection worked, ok and MP started.

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. Appreciate the help.

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