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  • April 22, 2004
    First of all: I am not familiar with the GPL licence.

    But are the skins also open source and under GPL license?

    I am asking because in the short time being we have got some decent skins like
    "Silicon" from Samsonite or the promising "Naley Evolution" from Harley. But we had also "Cosmicmyth" by vaeanu which I liked very much in the beginning and is not working anymore with current MP releases.

    Now, MediaPortal is developping fast and it is quit some work to keep a skin up-to-date so it can be used with current releases. Things might go easier with 0.1, but I don´t really beleave it..

    I think it should be of interest to have a solid legal foundation to use the graphics of a skin. If, for example, the original skinner (artist) does not have the time or is not willing to work on his skin anymore, it would be good if someone else could use his work and adjust the skin to new things. Not that anyone claims rights on the graphics later.
    I am not at all referring to anyone involved in skinning these days, it is a mere theoretical thought I came across by the post of epoch1970, who even suggested to put the documentation under GPL

    epoch1970 said:
    Very cool. May I suggest :
    - using XML (DocBook ?) or HTML as the source format
    - issuing this documentation under the GNU FDL license

    Thanks to the authors!

    All this goes also for plug-ins. But probably this issue is solved in the moment it iis delivered as part of MP.



    If you in any way have the urge to keep the Silicon skin up to date, feel free to do so. If you are creating a new skin and for some reason feel that you want to use parts of the graphics I created for Silicon, go ahead. Please, just mention me somewhere as an artist so that I get a ego jolt ;)

    I will probably stop developing Silicon and if any of you feel that it would be interesting to maintain a skin feel free to do so, I will be able to help out creating graphics for it but testing and doing the xml will have to be done by someone else.


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  • May 7, 2004
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    :) MP are Open Source and my Skin are Open Source to.

    All the Grafik are create and make myself.

    You can use the grafik´s free there are all copyright free.

    Also you can make changes on the Skin how you will.

    :wink: Id wood be nice to mention me as an artist .

    Greetings 8) Harley

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