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January 20, 2011
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I´m a fan of Argus TV-Recorder (formerly known as ForTheRecords / 4TR).
The name of the project (and the plugin for MP clients) changed also from 4TR to Argus.
So actually a lot of skins aren´t able to support the new plugin.

Here´s a short tutorial how to modify an existing skin with 4TR support to support the new Argus plugin:
The tutorial is tested with Avalon but should also work on other skins too.

1. Go to the MP-Skin directory of your favorite skin (e.g. "C:/ProgramData/Team MediaPortal/MediaPortal/skin/Avalon")
2. Search for all filenames containing "4tr" (there should be xml-files inside the root directory and png-files at "/media"-subdirectory
3. Copy all files to a seperate directory (e.g "desktop/Argus-skin-mod" and "desktop/Argus-skin-mod/media")
4. rename all "4TR"-parts of the filenames to "Argus" (case-sensitive!)
5. open each xml-file with notepad, search for "4TR", replace it with "Argus" (not all files have "4tr" inside) and save again.
6. copy the content of your seperate directory back to your mp-skin-directory (e.g. "C:/ProgramData/Team MediaPortal/MediaPortal/skin/Avalon")

7. Start MP an be happy

inside the attachment you´ll find the skinextension for the Avalon skin


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