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  • January 30, 2008
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    Following on from the posts in this thread:

    I eventually managed to get high quality Artist images from LastFM by enabling Artist Image lookup in the 'Now Playing' section of MediaPortal Config (I've added some thoughts about this in the previous forum thread).

    What seems to be happening now, is that if I go to the 'Now Playing' section of My Music when using MediaPortal, even though I have an artist image, it is still looking at LastFM for an artist image and is downloading them in low quality.

    For example this is the image I had of Bon Iver:

    Whilst playing a track from his album and leaving MediaPortal on the Now Playing screen the above image was replaced with:

    A resized image from Photos for Bon Iver ? Listen free and discover music at

    I've now disabled Artist Image lookups in the Now Playing section to hopefully stop this behaviour. Even if this function downloaded the high quality version from LastFM, I wouldn't want it to overwrite the existing image as I may have added my own images from gigs/festivals etc.

    EDIT: I've realised that by disabling artist image lookups the LastFM Radio plugin now doesn't look so shiny, however, I'd prefer that than images being replaced with lower quality.

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