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November 29, 2019
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MediaPortal 2 Version: 2.2.2

From a previous bug report for MP 2.2.1 here:
[fixed] - [MP2-611] Having problems with subtitles (ATSC)

@aspik said [[fixed] - [MP2-611] Having problems with subtitles (ATSC)]:
I pushed this fix to the teletext branch. If you do not have a better idea how to solve this nicer, I'll merge this to wip 2.2.2 and we have to accept that the option ATSC subs should be enabled only by users who can receive ATSC subs.​

Despite the fact that @aspik says this fix was pushed to wip 2.2.2, I am still not seeing ATSC subtitiles in my OTA streams here in Los Angeles. (I've confirmed via the HDHomeRun TV app that subtitles are definitely present in the streams.)

The thread also includes a DLL posting by @aspik from an earlier MP 2 release. So I tried installing the posted DLL per his instructions but I am not seeing ATSC subtitles via that method either...

A larger problem is that the "Player configuration" menu still does not provide a way to enable subtitles for ATSC streams. The aforementioned thread mentioned an apparent "chicken-and-egg" problem with needing to detect subtitle flags in ATSC streams before offering the option to enable subtitles, but at that point the DS graph has already been built... In any case, the workaround DLL previously posted by @aspik apparently worked in MP 2.2.1 regardless of any Subtitle menu selection -- but now in MP 2.2.2 it doesn't seem to work.

Suggestion: Instead of attempting to detect subtitle flags in ATSC streams, perhaps MP2 can just assume that subtitles can potentially be available on any ATSC channel? In that case, the Player configuration Subtitle menu item would just give the user the option to either allow subtitles globally or not. If they are present, then they will be displayed. If not, then they can't be displayed anyway. And even if changing the Subtitle selection would require a Server service restart to take effect, that would still be better than no possibility at all for displaying subtitles.

In the meantime, is it possible for someone to provide another version of the VideoPlayers.dll for MP 2.2.2 that forces ATSC subtitles to always be displayed if present? Thanks...

Steps to Reproduce:
- Right-click to open the "Player configuration" menu
- Select "Subtitle"
- No subtitle options listed!
- Stop the MediaPortal Server service
- Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Team MediaPortal\MP2-Client\Plugins\VideoPlayers\
- Rename the current VideoPlayers.dll to VideoPlayers.dll.bak
- Copy the DLL provided by @aspik to the VideoPlayers folder
- Start the MediaPortal Server service
- Subtitles still not being displayed!



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November 29, 2019
Los Angeles Area
United States of America United States of America
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Hello @aspik, thanks for that screenshot! Now I finally understand where to enable 'ATSC Closed Captions' -- not in the right-click Player configuration menu > Subtitle but in Settings > Players > Video player > Subtitles. And yes by enabling the option there, ATSC subtitles are indeed being shown in my local OTA streams.

Player configuration menu > Subtitle is still a single blank line (sometimes it shows a single item "Effect" as if an artifact from the menu item above Subtitle). But I can live with that bug, as long as ATSC subtitles are working.


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