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September 14, 2019
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I’m encountering frequent audio dropouts when watching Netflix through OnlineVideos and while playing music.
  • I’m not encountering any problems with over-the-air tv.
  • Netflix video is not affected, just audio.
  • Music plays fine when played outside of MP through Windows Media Player.
  • Netflix plays fine when played outside of MP through Chromium Edge.
  • I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled MP 1.26 without improvement
  • I’ve tried adjusting music buffering between .5 – 2.0 without improvement.
  • HTPC – Attached is file SystemInfo.txt which describes the HTPC.
  • My HTPC is connected by HDMI to a Sony STR-DH790 receiver.
  • I’ve updated the graphics card (AMD Radeon RX5700) drivers.
  • Cannot associate any event/change when this audio problem began. I believe audio was fine after upgrading to MP 1.26, and that this problem started sometime after.
Attached are a set of logs when playing music.
Thank you for any suggestions.



  • SystemInfo.txt
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