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July 2, 2015
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After resolving some stuttering playback issues, i now have a audio sync problem.
It tends to get worse as i continue viewing. It happens to all media, whether its local, networked or live tv.
Most noticeably on live TV, when i skip commercials, then playback resumes it of of sync.
The only way i have found to overcome is to go back 15secs, then forward to end.

i have also noticed of late, that when i turn my TV on and go to live TV (HTPC & mediaportal are never shutdown) that i always start viewing in time shift. duration varies.

i have attached 2 sets of of logs as. The latest set being just now when i switched on my tv, with audio being way out of sync.
The older set, was when i was viewing for a period of time, and slowly but surely, audio was becoming out of sync.

i have even reinstalled mepo just to see if it would resolve the issue. But to no avail.

if it helps, my setup is pretty simple, with my HTPC connecting direct to TV via HDMI. using onboard gpu/sound



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    This is likely to be the problem:
    [2017-08-14 17:56:09,597] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - DirectShowUtils: added filter:MediaPortal - Audio Renderer to graph
    [2017-08-14 17:56:10,309] [Log ] [MPMain ] [INFO ] - Added filter: LAV Audio Decoder to graph

    For a start, as the wiki says, MPAR is not recommended for use with TV. I quote:
    TV Codecs - MediaPortal 1 - MediaPortal Wiki
    MediaPortal Audio Renderer is often recommended for smooth video playback. However, it may not work with your TV provider(s). If you have TV playback problems (pauses, unsynchronised video/audio, no audio at all) when using the MediaPortal Audio Renderer, try another option (eg. DirectSound).
    Furthermore, if you're going to attempt to use MPAR in combination with LAV, you have to be very careful about how you configure them. As the perfect playback guide warns: you particularly need to avoid enabling both auto A/V sync correction in LAV and time stretching in MPAR at the same time. The log shows that you've enabled time stretching in MPAR:
    14-08-2017 17:56:09.592 [ 1af0] EnableSyncAdjustment: 1 you would need to make sure you've disabled the sync option in LAV. The logs can't tell us whether you've done that or not.


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    July 2, 2015
    Australia Australia
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    Thanks @mm1352000
    I have changed back from mpar to defautl direct. So far so good on live tv
    I have noticed a delay when streaming from my server. But have only seen this once. So will keep an eye on it
    Thanks again

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