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November 7, 2005
Hey guys,

I've been using Media-portal for quite a while now, but I've just recently gotten an external decoder. Where I previously just used my antenna-cable as the input (sound and video, obviously), I now have to use the s-video on my Hauppauge pvr-250 and the line-in on my pc.

* Why doesn't media-portal allow me to just map any external decoder channels (i.e. where I can use USB-UIRT to switch the external box's channels) to the antenna cabel input? For some reason it only allows s-video and the other inputs on my tv tuner card (everything EXCEPT teh antenna).

In my old configuration I used to have the antenna pass-through a VCR, into the HTPC and then to my TV. I could map an extra channel to my VCR play-back, so why can't I do the same for the external decoder, but also have the ability to tune the STB with the USB-UIRT??

The question above sort of came from the problem I have below...

* How do I sync my audio and video when I use the line-in of my pc? Timeshifting works, but only for video - line-in just goes on merrily playing even if I press "pause" on media portal. Can someone explain how/if you can do this?

* Sound comes into the HTPC, but I can't re-route it straight out of the s/pdif (i.e. a sort of pass-through)? I know it's only a stereo signal (or even mono, depending on the channel I'm watching), but isn't that possible?? Otherwise what if I want to watch a stereo-tv series and wanna use my Dolby Pro Logic 2 external decoding to push it to 5.1...when how the heck do I do this if I can't even pass-through the line-in to s/pdif?

Thanks a million in advance! Smile

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