Audioscrobbler - (417) Expectation failed error -fails to upload my tracks on (1 Viewer)


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February 22, 2008

I've been getting this error for about a month:

2008-02-23 01:29:06.218750 [ERROR][8]: AudioscrobblerBase.GetResponse: HttpWebRequest.GetResponse: The remote server returned an error: (417) Expectation failed.
2008-02-23 01:29:06.218750 [ERROR][8]: AudioscrobblerBase: Submit failed.

I've checked and rechecked my username and passwords, I've even tried a new account. I always end up with the same error. A lot of people seem to have this problem on the forums but no answers. I'm using the latest svn version 17454 (02-22-2008).

Does anybody else here have the same problem? I would greatly appreciate any help I could get.

Many thanks in advance.

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