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January 23, 2012
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Just wondering how other MP users are handling their TV episode downloads?

I am still manually searching and downloading TV episodes weekly and then adding them to a specific directory on my mediaportal network drive, they are then scanned by MP-TVSeries plug-in and appear under the correct listing in MP-TVSeries library.

Is there a plugin available that i can setup to automatically search a torrent site weekly for specific tv series or new tv episodes and then have them automatically downloaded to a specific directory on my htpc so that MP-TVSeries can add them to my library?

I would love to automate the task as it can be quite time consuming when trying to keep up with everything we watch each week :)[DOUBLEPOST=1361890738][/DOUBLEPOST]Looks like downloadcentral might be what im after?


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June 24, 2009
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This is what I use.

For stand alone and simple try Torrent Episode Downloader (TED). This will search from a list of TV-Series and drop the torrent file into your given torrent downloader watched folder based on next released date, file size and file popularity. Very easy and works quite well.

For a better tool use Coachpotato for Movies and Sickbeard for TV-Series. Awesome tools. There is a lot more to setup but they do a lot more too like:
  • Manage TV-Series and Movies.
  • Find missing episodes.
  • Rename into your given format.
  • Move to the correct folders.
Like I said, very good.

Have a play, I am sure you will be very happy.


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