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May 20, 2011
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MP 1.3.0 Beta
Moving picture 1.3.0 and 1.4.2

I've some trouble to configure the autoplay for DVD and bluray with moving picture.
The configuration is the following:
config moving picture.png

External blueray playback is configured with a fake external player in order to easily catch the activation through an error.

When I insert a DVD or a bluray, mediaportal well detect the insertion as you can see in the log:
Autoplay: Start playing media type 'VIDEO/BLURAY' from drive 'D:'
but nothing is happened in moving picture, even if I change the configuration to "Play movie".

As you can see in the log moving pictures is detecting the insertion:
16-Dec-2012 13:28:24  Info [      DeviceManager]: Volume Inserted: D:
16-Dec-2012 13:28:24 Debug [        DBImportPath]: Scanning: D:\
16-Dec-2012 13:28:24 Debug [        DBImportPath]: Drive='D:', Label='Le prenom', Serial='D75ED302', Format='UDF'
16-Dec-2012 13:28:25 Debug [VideoFormatExtension]: Identifier: Path='D:\video_ts\video_ts.ifo', Format='DVD', Hash='53e31d4d452ed59b' 
16-Dec-2012 13:28:25 Debug [  MovingPicturesGUI]: OnVolumeInserted: Volume=D:, Serial=D75ED302

There's also a small difference with last version 1.4.2:
16-Dec-2012 13:55:22  Info [      DeviceManager]: Volume Inserted: D:
16-Dec-2012 13:55:22 Debug [        DBImportPath]: Scanning: D:\
16-Dec-2012 13:55:22  Info [        DBImportPath]: Skipping scan for 'D:\': the drive is empty.
16-Dec-2012 13:55:22 Debug [  MovingPicturesGUI]: OnVolumeInserted: Volume=D:, Serial=14EE67A7
Is it a regression.

When I active the default mediaportal videoplugin, all is working fine but insertion is catched by videos plugin, not by mowing pictures.

Thanks for your help.

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