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June 9, 2008

Just converted from Meedio to Mediaportal, because Meedio has grown to big and it is a headache to configure and make it work. Always a plugin that stops working and has to be fixed. It's so great to use Mediaportal and have everything working in just a couple of days. But there is 2 things I can't find out.

- One of the greatest things with Meedio was that it could organize my files automatically. I had a plugin that monitored a folder, and when a file was dropped in this folder it would rename the file based on a ruleset (regex) and move it to a folder of choice. Is there something like this in Mediaportal, or do you use any other program to organize your files. I would like to have everything automated and organized like I had with the Meedio setup (when it worked).

- I like the blue3 wide skin the best, but I can't find out how i edit the main menu. I just have the standard icons, and can't find a way to add tvseries, moving pictures etc to the menu. It just shows in the regular blue3 menu.

All help is welcome, and :D for making such a great program!


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June 9, 2008
I guess there isn't any program/plugin doing what Meedio did. I'll make it myself and maybe releasing it here if I invest enough time on it so it's configureable for others as well.

Regarding Blue3 wide, I haven't found any way to edit the menu (basic home if I'm right) other than editing the xml file and make new icons etc. Telling in case someone is wondering :)


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September 30, 2007
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Hi stekre,

As "user" you have only posibility to decide where do you want to have a plug-ins visible, In the "Home" or in the "Plug-ins" menu.
You have also posibility to edit the *.XML files but ist's very complicate.
After installation you see all plug-ins in the "Plug-ins" menu first. In the MediaPortalConfiguration/Plug-ins you can change it to "Home" menu.
MP use *.MPI Plug-in very easy to install, just double click.
Some plug-ins are the *.zip files and you have to copy some files like (*.XML,*.DLL, *.png etc.) to the right folders in the MediaPortal *.XML

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