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  • March 24, 2014
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    I have one issue with autoplay functionality & Play Disk & audio CD.

    Media Portal version: MP 12.0
    Windows version: Windows 10 Pro x64

    Current setting for autoplay in Windows 10 is switched OFF as in the pisture here::

    Current setting for autoplay functionality in Media Portal is ON as here:


    Situation 1 (Autoplay & Play Disk issue):
    When I start up MP and put CD into the drive, MP will ask me, if I want to play this disk, when I select Yes, it does not start to play this disk - BUT is should start!. When I in this status click to "Play Disk" plugin (comming with MP), it does not do anything - BUT is should start!.
    When I go to Music library now and I go to browse the disk files and I select one to play, it will start to play this file from disk. Now when I stop the disk and I select Play Disk, now the Play Disk starts to play disk.

    Situation 2 (Play Disk issue only):
    When I leave the CD in the drive and I restart the HTPC, then when MP is running & CD is in the drive and I want to start to plaly disk via "Play Disk" plugin, it does not start do play the disk - BUT is should start!
    Now when I go to Music library and I select some song from the disk to play, it starts to play, when I stop it and I want to start to play disk by "Play Disk" plugin, it starts to play disk.

    In case of DVD everything is working fine, I have just this issue with CD.

    If logs needed, I can make it, anyway it can be reproduced on others computers as well I think as I have this issue on 2 MP clients (both have same Windows).

    Best regards,


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