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  • July 10, 2007
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    i don't know if this is the right place to post this, but here we go...

    In the last couple of months i felt the urge to switch away from Mediaportal. While still working very well there were all this shiny new possiblities with Android TV / Kodi, etc. MP seemed a little bit prehistoric in comparision to the alternatives. Kodi has the ability to play on multiple clients-os's, and the new TV's are a computer itself nowadays, so no need for an old HTPC in your living room, right?

    I googled a little bit and my decision fell on a VU+ Uno 4K as server and Kodi on Android TV as Frontend. After setting up the whole thing, more and more problems came up.
    No autostart of Kodi, when TV is powered on, a wonky Enigma 2 PVR plugin, that often times wouldn't Kodi allow to start, no configurable view in the movie list, etc...
    So i discarded Kodi as frontend and tried the VU+ VTi Image. But this can't deny it's Linux base. So many plugins with barely exisiting descriptions what they actually do. TV frontend was great with great channel switching times, but i couldn't figure out how to watch a single movie from my NAS. Perhaps i was to lazy to search enough, though.

    So log story short: After a 4-5 week struggle, i switched back to good old MP. By far the best mediacenter for TV out there in my opinion.

    I know there is much competition these days with Kodi and Android TV, but keep up the good work. Despite having flaws too (show me one software, that doesn't) it fits my needs the best and i think it's a great piece of software. Big thanks to all the developers who work on this thing...

    Just something i wantet to say ... :)

    Have a nice day.

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