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August 10, 2006

I've just built a new HTPC.

I also purchased a Genius Remote 300.

The Genius 300 remote and USB receiver dongle work really well with Media Portal.
However, I want to use the USB receiver dongle to pick up my universal remote (I don't even want to use the Genius 300 remote itself, just the USB receiver)
I tried "training" my Universal remote to the Genius 300 remote but although it learns and transmits the codes (and the receiver flashes showing it's getting something) it's not triggering any events, so I'm guess the Universal remote isn't training or transmitting correctly?

1) If anyone has any ideas on why the Universal remote, trained to the Genius 300 MCE remote isn't being recognised that would be the easiest fix for me.

2) Failing that can someone give me a quick rundown on what I need to do to use the "IR Server Suite" under Vista 32?
- Do I need to use the replacement driver under Vista32, or will the registry change work? There are conflicting reports on these forums
-- I've tried the registry change and although it stops Vista from processing the signal, when I try to train IRSS it doesn't seem to see any buttons at all and the USB receiver doesn't flash acknowledgement during "training" (it does before and after).

In summary, if you can help with (1) above, that would be perfect. Failing that a quick breakdown of how to accomplish (2) would be great!

- Mish

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