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July 15, 2010
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OK, here's a strange one: two channels, BBC One HD (henceforth referred to as 1HD for brevity) and BBC HD (henceforth BHD) keep renaming themselves to (seemingly) random three-character names. For example, recently 1HD became Ó+ÿ and BHD became ÝKÿ. Before that (maybe three weeks ago) 1HD became §ºÿ and BHD became ×bÿ. On at lease one occasion before that, BHD became Ø;ÿ (which was immortalised as a recording folder for a while). The only pattern seems to be that every time it happens, the final character of the three is ÿ. As far as I can tell, no other channels are, or have ever been, effected by this problem. Both 1HD and BHD are combined channels, with both DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 tuning details.

Within MySQL, the table that seems to be causing this problem is "channellinkagemap", as both the three-character alternative names appear only there. Additionally, there is always another listing there, which does not seem to correspond to either a TV or Radio channel, but which shares an "idLinkedChannel" parameter with BHD. This may have some connection to the fact that BHD has two DVB-S2 tuning details (there are two different streams on the same transponder) while 1HD does not.

Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?

Update: It happened again yesterday (2012-11-08) - 1HD changed to ܸÿ and BHD changed to ÞDÿ.

For reference, here is a table of what they have changed into:

ܸÿ ________|_ÞDÿ
___________ |_Ø;ÿ
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